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Erfahrungsbericht Myokee mit Akito


Reinschrift - Erfahrungsbericht nach der Vergiftung Ihres Hundes I November  2020

Hey there my cute furry friends. I want to show you something that really helped Kito during the past few weeks, before and after his Spleen Removal Operation.
Due to Kito not beeing able to have any more Carbohydrates we had to find a good alternative to the potatopowder and rice we used for his Barf.
@myokee has really helped Kito to maintain a very healthy lifestyle without him missing any nutrients!
I am so glad that we have Myokee and would really advice it to any pup looking for this nutrients!
10. November 2020 - Sophie mit Kito  I Instagram: akita_inu_kito